Clusters by Cathy

I hope you enjoy looking around my blog and finding something you like!

I enjoy making cluster frames. I update frequently so just keep checking back!

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Boo Kat Clusters

Laines Highway

They have some nice frames for you to grab!



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Winter Thoughts Cluster Frame

Winter Thoughts Cluster Frame

Download includes frame with and without mask

Cluster frame created from the kit
Winter Thoughts
Tiny Turtle Designs

Love Bomb Cluster Frame

Enjoy my Valentine frame - Love Bomb

My frame was made from the kit - Love Bomb
You can pick it up at
Tiny Turtle Designs

Snow Days Cluster Frame

My new Snow Days Cluster Frame

Download available that includes the frame
- with and without the mask

Frame created from the kit - Snow Days

Golden Holiday Cluster Frame

Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year.

Enjoy my latest frame - Golden Holiday
Download has both the frame with mask and frame without

Cluster frame made from kit - Golden Holiday
Available at
Tiny Turtle Designs

Eternal Love Cluster Frame

Another new cluster for Valentine - Eternal Love

Frame created from the kit - Eternal Love
Check it out at
Tiny Turtle Designs

Celibrate Cluster Frame

Hope you enjoy my latest frame - Celibrate
My download has both the frame with mask and without

Frame was created from the kit - Celibrate
Available at
Tiny Turtle Designs